Violent Reflection Add Video

*Starring* aRno - edge - eNki - kritos - mAx - maxuh - momo - mote - uzer Last vib.rtcw line up was: aRno edge didjay kritos mAx maxuh momo.

Duration: 17m30s
Size: 498mb
Resolution: 856*484
Codec: XviD 1.03
Frame Rate: 30fps
Audio: mp3 128kbps
CBR Release date: 28th September 2005

The vib.rtcw movie features frags and team play actions from the creation of Reflect-Gaming to the Warleagues Premier group and Clanbase OpenCup final victory of Violence Is Bad team.

Posted by rtcwchile on 25 Ee mayo Ee 2012 a las 16:08 836 Views

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